About Guru Phane Jayanthi Sen

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Phane Jayanthi Sen is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of NatyaHasta Center for Dance.

Phane Sen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, Bachelor Degree in Early Child Education and Masters in Indian Classical Dance (KUCHIPUDI) from _____
Bharata Natyam… and has been dancing over 30 years.

 She is highly sought-after as a dance performer and teacher in the Ohio and Northern Kentucky dance community.  Phane has been featured in Dance and Music magazine “SHRUTI” in India.
Phane has also received acclaim at dance festivals globally as both performer and instructor.

She is a member of the International Dance Council (CID).

In 2011, Phane Jayanthi Sen also started ASIAN ARTS HERITAGE, Inc. a non-profit organization formed to extend its support to the disabled, homeless, senior citizens or for any kind of social and community cause and to promote the alliance between classical Indian and Western dances in the US.

What the Press Says:

“Phani is a dancer with rare gifts and enchanting personality, expressive eyes and (she) literally cast a spell on the audience. Her Thillana offered glimpses of sprightly dancing and the style of rendering was individualistic.”    -The Statesman, Calcutta

“Phani’s Bharata-Natyam, endowed with a good figure, self-assurance, showed the ease of execution by combining the footwork with expressive mime.”    – Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad

“Phani established instant rapport with her graceful portrayal of the Lakshmi stotra of Annamacharya with authentic sharp, statuesque poses and spirited blending of nritta and Natya. Her suppleness of limbs is striking, Phani’s Padavaranam was appealing as she harmoniously blended nritta, hastas, and Natya, the variation of tempo in doing the tirmanams indicates her good laya sense.”  -Times of India, Bombay

“The Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kirtana “Saadinchehine” in Arabhi was rendered as an elaborate Bharata Natyam item by Phani… Her tirmanams were engrossing, the nritta joyous, ardja, amdos arresting and the abhinaya part easily communicative.” – Times of Bombay


“Just as she explores new aesthetic and creative avenues through her own dance, Phane
never ceases to encourage this same philosophy in her students. Phane cares for me, personally, not only as a student but as a fellow artist with whom she has entered into a relationship of learning. She teaches me the history, the meaning, correct pronunciation, and dance theory that she and generations before her were taught, then thoughtfully asks how might I use this knowledge in combination with my other dance and musical training to create something new.”                                                                – ML McIntosh, MD, PhD


Phane J Sen

World Festival, University of Cincinnati, OH, April 2016

International Banquet, University of Louisville, KY February 2016

Indian Cultural Centre, Budapest, Hungary, April 2014

Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival: March 14-17, 2013.


October 6, 2013, the Unity of Dance Festival & the Paradise Dance Festival, Palm